Stop The Garbage 
             Don't make a dump out of Salem!  



1. Q: What's the difference with what they currently do at the transfer station and what Northside Carting has proposed?

A: Currently they are only allowed to bring in daily up to 100 tons of construction debris.  The modification would allow daily 400 tons of
    residential and commercial garbage.

2. Q: What does Salem currently do with their residential and commercial garbage.

A: The garbage is currently shipped out to a third party.  The cities new trash contract was approved at the City Council meeting dated
    3/28/13.  Covanta Haverhill will be accepting Salem's trash for the next five to ten years. Covanta Haverhill has transfer stations in
    Lynn and Danvers.  The contract also talks about giving Northside Carting(the transporter of the garbage) an incentive to drive
    Salem's garbage to Covanta's facility in Haverhill.

3. Q: What happens if the court rules for Northside Carting?

A: The Plaintiff (A Member of Stop the Garbage Now) in the suit could file for further Appellate Review. Northside may also seek further
    appellate review if they lose for the third time.

4. Q: If Northside wins, is there any way we can stop them from building this monstrosity?

A: Even if Northside prevails, they still need to purchase the property.  The City Council will need to vote on the sale of city land.  The
    vote needs to be 2/3 which is 8 councillors voting yes.  This is why it is so important to only support Councillors who oppose the
    transfer station.

5.  Q: If it's built, how many tons will they be allowed to bring in daily?

A: They would like to bring in 400 tons daily and 500 tons on special days.  Again this will need the City Council to vote on the increase in
     tonnage allowed on the site and allowing commercial and residential garbage into the city.

6. Q: What will be the cost of cleaning up the land?

A: The figure mentioned by various groups was roughly $1.3 Million.

7. Q: Will the City be fined for not cleaning up the site?

A: We have been under a DEP order for over ten years and have not been fined yet.  There's actually a question of if the DEP can legally
    impose a fine.  Let's look at this in a realistic fashion.  If the DEP fined us and we couldn't pay, we would end up getting the
    money from the State or potentially go into receivership.  DEP is a state run organization so it makes no sense.  

8. Q: What route will the extra trucks be taking to haul the garbage out of Salem?

A: The trucks can take two routes. Half may go through Lynn while the other half would go through Salem.  The Salem trucks will go
    down Highland Avenue.  Take a left onto to Boston Street.  Then they will sit at the light next to our beautiful new senior center as
    they proceed from a two lane street in Salem into soon to be one lane street in Peabody Square.

9. Q. Is it true that the City is looking to sell the property to Northside Carting for $1.00?

A. This is not true.  The City Charter states property must be sold at a minimum of the appraised property value

10. Q. What is the appraised value of the transfer station property?

A. According to an appraisal done in October 2008, the appraised property value at that time was $414,000

11. Q. Are there any other options for the transfer station?

A. Another great question!  The City could cap the property and then send it out to bid as it would then be much more attractive to
    potential investors.   The City could encourage development by offering tax incentives(TIF) to the new developer.  It occurs all the time
    and this situation would be no different.  The City could do the right thing and clean it and make it a park.

12. Q. I do not live near the transfer station, why should I care?

A. If this goes through, property values will plummet in the adjacent areas.  The City collects millions of dollars in tax revenue from the
    over 500 condominiums located a stones throw from the transfer station.  The decreased property values will decrease the amount of
      property tax the City collects from these neighborhoods.  The city will be searching for their tax money. This means your taxes
    will increase to cover the difference!
Someone has to pay to keep the city going.

13. Q. Why should we feel bad for the neighbors? They knew a transfer station was there when they moved in?

A.  Yes, a transfer station was there but it had restrictions to what it could accept.  It was not allowed to accept residential and
     commercial garbage or more than 100 tons per day of construction debris.
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