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Court Proceedings

The following is the legal proceedings for the transfer station

Board of Health Decision

After numerous contested meetings, the Board of Health allowed the petitioners request. Their ruling was quickly challenged at Superior Court.

Superior Court -round 1

The Superior Court Judge found in favor of the Plaintiff(neighborhood group).  The judge ruled this was a major modification and not a minor modification.  The Board of Health's decision was overturned.

Superior Court- round 2

Northside Carting filed a motion to reconsider.  The judge allowed the Defendant's motion to reconsider.  After reviewing the case,  the judge then affirmed his earlier decision!

Appellate Court

Northside Carting filed an appeal with the Massachusetts Appellate Court.  The appeal was heard on October 4, 2013.  It could take up to three months to receive a decision.  

What happens if the neighbors win again?  Northside could file for further appellate review. It could be granted, but usually does not occur. 

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